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This company is a scam! I had extremely hard time to cancel their subscription and because their magazines were only delivered half the time! An awful experience with this company, their staff on the phone will confuse you and you will end up buying something and not getting your money back after canceling. I had their subscrition and when I wanted to cancel it, they told me I will get a full refund if I stay another month, they just forgot to... Read more

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I ordered several magazines which were said to be sent to me for one year for $2 each. All of the sudden after 6 months, I was being charged for People magazine. When I called to cancel, they would not refund me for the extra charges on my card. I understand that only 13 issues were covered, but it's misleading when they clearly (TWICE) say a year's worth are covered. Interestingly, when you sign up, they say the $2 charge is for a year. I have... Read more

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I didn't have the best experience in stopping the auto-renewal, but not the worst either. You can prepare ahead of time. Here are some ways to help that process. 1) Use a limited, such as specialty debit or gift card. 2) When you receive the 1st issue of any magazine get all the company's info, including contact phone numbers. 3) Your address label on the magazine usually shows an end of subscription date - at lease a 1-2 months ahead of... Read more

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I recently was charged $90.00 for a renewal fee fir US Weekly from this Magazine Outlet without notification. The worst part of it was, I thought I closed that account so the charge came through and caused an overdraft. When I received the notice from my previous bank I told them it was an unauthorized charge. I noted that they would investigate. A week later I received a letter said that I signed up for this offer an agreed to automatic... Read more

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Credit card bill came with charges for 4 magazines I did not want to renew. Canceling is a night mare. And of course no full refund because they have waited until the next year's issues are coming before billing. I want the total refund off my credit card. Why do I have to say so many words when I can be very succinct in less than that. I could add a few expletives to this to make it more interesting but I am not in the habit of cursing at... Read more

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I had filled out a survey in order to receive more tokens for a game that I was playing. In the process of it Magazine Outlet was one of the companies I could get information from. I did not enter in any information that included my credit card. The issue that I have with them is that when you receive emails from them, there is a unsubscribe button at the bottom of the email, but it only brings you to a page where you can modify what type of... Read more

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as soon as I made a purchase, my card was used for 6 expensive online purchases from various stores, paypal etc. Magazine Outlet is a scam and will steal your card number. My bank account is now negative one thousand dollars. The thieves used my card for online purchases from Bloomingdales, Nordstrom, Paypal, Public Storage, Comcast and more. Each of the transactions were $300 and more up to $600. I can not explain how upset I am. I hope they... Read more

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In January 2014, I got an offer from Magazine Outlet to get a few free magazine subscriptions. I was skeptical of 'free'. I know some company has sold my information in the past because I would get junk mail from various companies but all with the same exact same strange misspelling of my name. So instead of putting my full real name, I put my first name, then put my last name as something fictional that would make me think of this company, so... Read more

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Got a bargain rate; read the fine print and it tells you that unless you cancel they'll bill you at a new rate after a year. It DOESN'T tell you just when they'll rebill, but it does tell you that they'll send you a renewal notice. (the renewal will be when you ordered--not when you started getting the magazine.) They did not send me a renewal notice. I had plans to keep track and cancel ahead of time, but the renewal date was earlier than... Read more

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There M.O.: Sell you an initial subscription at a low price and get your credit card #, then a year later, renew the subscription for a sky high price and charge it to your credit card without your acknowledgement or permission. They know that many people never bother to check their statements and will just accept and pay it. STAY AWAY! Then, after the fact it is hard to get to them and get a refund. What a way to run a business. I can't... Read more

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